Budget Shopping: How to Avoid Phony Designer Handbags

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[Editor's Note: I'm quite frugal, especially when it comes to my clothes, but I'm a sucker for well made pieces. As a result, I find myself thrifting and shopping at overstock and run-off stores and websites. I really appreciated the tips from The Frugalista regarding how to spot a knock-off handbag. I'd love to score myself a designer handbag at an off-the-rack price. -Rita]

How to Spot a Knock Off Designer Bag

Brand-specific Giveaways

Know the signs to look for in the specific bag. For instance, Marc Jacobs’ zippers are embossed with either RiRi or Lampo and all Louis Vuitton bags made since the early ‘80s have a date stamped somewhere on the interior. Brand fanatics spend time spotting knock-off bags to protect their favorite designers’ integrity, so a quick search before you buy will reveal specific tells for each high-end brand.

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Credit Image: Romana Correale on Flickr

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