Bullied Because of Race - What to Do?

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We hear all the reports about bullying -- at school and online. But what about when the focus of the taunting is a person's race. Blogger Nikki who writes about Asian and Black mixed-race issues at Euphoria Luv recently took part in a roundtable discussion for the CBS News/48 Hours presentation Bullying: Words Can Kill. Nikki writes to call attention to the particular challenges posed by race-based bullying:

I recently saw this tragic story of a bullied 10-year-old girl who commits suicide. A discussion on the article wondered if part of the teasing was racial based. The child was biracial.

Certainly race does play a part as shown in an article that highlight Asian Americans are the most bullied in US schools.

For some that might sound outlandish. How can someone be bullied based on race?

For those in the mixed race community, this isn’t even a question. Race focused bullying happens all the time. Bullying can happen as early as toddler hood. I’ll never forget when children in the playground started telling my son 2 year old son to go back to china because he looked different then they do. But where do children learn how to bully from?

Image Credit: Nick Wiesner, via Flickr

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