Bullies Start Young -- and Break My Heart

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[Editor's Note: Reading Jillian Lauren's recent post about their first experience with a bully made my blood boil. We had similar experiences on younger-aged sports teams: kids hitting, spitting, kicking and generally teasing my boys. I hate that it starts so young, that our children have to learn to walk away, to deal with it, to not retaliate. It hurts my heart for my children, and as Jillian points out, for the bully, too. -Jenna]

Our First Bully:

BulliesThere is a bully on T’s baseball team. The age of the kids is 4-6, but I’m sure it shouldn’t surprise me that bullying starts this young. T had his first game last Saturday and there was a moment in the dugout during which which the bully grabbed T’s hat off his head and held it out of reach. T stood there with a puzzled look on his face then reached for it, and when he did the kid shoved him backwards over a cooler. It’s hardly the first incident.

Then I tripped the bully and he did a face plant in the dirt. Just kidding- I didn’t. But it felt good even to write that. Wow, it sucks to watch your kid get shoved around.

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