Is Bullying Against Women Online Getting Even More Vicious?

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[Editor's note: I couldn’t have imagined it, the attacks are that disgusting. But women online are increasingly being harassed with vile and hateful images. These range from pornographic comments on a woman’s photo to graphic depictions of rape. Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist pop culture media critic, has been the victim of several such sexist attacks. Instead of being silent, she took the courageous step of speaking out in a recent post at Feminist Frequency. Warning: some of these images are hugely disturbing—Mona.]

In addition to the aggressive actions against me that I’ve already shared, the harassers launched DDoS attacks on my site, attempted to hack into my email and other social media accounts and reported my Twitter and YouTube accounts as “terrorism”, “hate speech” or “spam”. They also attempted to “dox” and distribute my personal contact info including address and phone number on various websites and forums (including hate sites).


Credit Image: © Rose Palmisano/The Orange County Register/

Read more from Image based Harassment and Visual Misogyny at Feminist Frequency


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