Butter Chicken

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Today’s recipe is a homemade version of our favorite kind of Indian takeout—butter chicken, also known as murgh makhani—a creamy, tender dish with a tomato-based cream sauce and a kick of heat. When you Google the term, there are 58 million results (84,000 if you use quotation marks), so, we realize, it’s not like the Internet world needs another version; but then, I suppose you could make the same argument about food blog (2 billion results and counting), and, here we are, still doing that. Tim and I attended a workshop about work this weekend, I don’t mean it was for work, but rather, literally, it was about work as a concept in itself, and while we confronted, mostly, the philosophies behind our day jobs and why we do them and how they are, in small ways, mimicking the One who brings order out of chaos and beauty out of dust, we also thought about the work we do that isn’t paid for (or paid for by much). . . .

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