Caillou Is Whinier on TV than in Books

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[Editor's Note: Oh, Caillou. The "educational" cartoon character that parents love to hate. Or have to hate. Because, man, what a whiner. Kristin recently got her two-year-old some Caillou books, not having watched the show before, and decided that recording some episodes to DVR would be a great thing for the whole family! Wrong. Answer. I laughed as she found out that Caillou on TV is much more annoying than the book version. -Jenna]

The Demise of Caillou:

Amira and CaillouFirst, Caillou is pronounced CAI-yoo, not Cuh-LOO. And secondly, Caillou is a whiny bitch.

Yes, each Caillou story contains an age-appropriate lesson pertaining to various social and emotional issues that preschoolers face. And as a conscientious mom, I’m all about toys and television that teach. But must the producers of the animated series impart these messages at the expense of its protagonist, who suddenly comes off as a giant steaming turd?

I must say… this does not convey in the books.

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