Create Your Own Calendar Center at Home!

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Editor's Note: There are many reasons why I didn't go into teaching as a career. However, the only real reason I wanted to was so I could decorate a room and have one of those cool calendars on the bulletin board that I could change up every month. Even today, I walk the aisles of our teaching supply store and gently touch the snowflakes and the apples. If you have a bit of the same nostalgia for your elementary school classroom, follow these tips from Michelle at The Momma Bird to bring a little educational activity and school-flair into your playroom. -Jenna

Calendar Learning:

This seems really simple, but you’ll really be amazed at how much your kiddos will start grasping in a short amount of time. If you want you can also add in some extra songs, stories or even silly songs & dances. Fun, educational & time with your kiddos! Win-Win-Win

Here’s a break down if you don’t want to scroll through my paragraphs:

  • Introduce calendar & explain what it is.
  • Say the month & have child repeat.
  • Say the date & day of the week and have child repeat.
  • Have child put the number of the date on the calendar.
  • Sing days of the week song / months of the year.

Read the rest of the post to get the rest of that list.

Credit: perspicacious.

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