The Call Every Parent of a Driving Teen Fears

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[Editor's Note: I'm not sure how parents survive "the driving years." I'm not there yet, but I can just picture myself sitting by the window, waiting for their headlights to return. I would assume you get used to it, but when I read things like what Tena of Tena's Therapy recently shared, I wonder how you ever get to that place. She recently received "the call" that her son had been in an accident. Has your driving teen been in an accident? How did you react? -Jenna]

The Call:

matt parkingIt seemed like everything was under control and that they were fine. I called my mom and asked if she could go oversee the situation and pick him up. The kids were sleeping and I didn’t trust how I would react in the situation. I explained to her, “I don’t what I’ll do, I know he was screwing around, he’s a teenager!” I was mad. I was disappointed. I was afraid. I was overwhelmed with particulars from insurance to tow trucks.

After some time had passed and I knew my mom had enough time to get there, I called to find out if any new information was found and hear it from her. Knowing I was fired up and on my soapbox about his carelessness, “It was a BAD accident, Tena,” she whispered breathy, “Now is not the time for lectures, trust me, he is shaken up and they were truly lucky. The car overturned into a ravine just feet away from a deeper one that would have been tragic!”

I was put in my place. And suddenly that initial panic returned.

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