Can Kids Be Spoiled and Humble?

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[Editor's Note: Where is the line in the sand between giving our children stuff and spoiling them? I know many parents struggle with this at one time or another and for all variety of reasons. Christina at Life with Boys is asking it now -- right before the holidays -- and asks an important question: Is it possible to "spoil" your kids with "stuff" but still have them remain humble? Please chime in. -Jenna]

Spoiled or Spoiled Brat?:

Shutterstock, CREATISTABut have we given them too much? Corey had a car before he even had his license. Joe has a flat screen in his room along with an Xbox and a laptop. Addi has a computer in his room, and the little boys - well our house gives Target’s toy department a run for its money.

“Do we spoil the boys, Roy?” I asked him as we were driving to the store one day.

“Of course! But we can, so shouldn’t we be allowed to do that?” He replied.

That sort of shut me up. When we were first married, we didn’t have a lot - we didn’t have a lot of money, things, etc., etc… but we worked hard, and we are now in a place where we are comfortable. So if we want to buy our kids all the little things that make life easy and enjoyable, isn’t that our prerogative? Because our kids have cool cell phones and computers, are they spoiled brats?

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