Can Sodastream Replace Soda?

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Whenever I ask folks if they like their Sodastream, they respond with notable passion: "It has CHANGED MY LIFE." Wow, um, okay. In this post, Jen drills down to numbers and the reality of replacing soda with a homemade version:

"In the last 6 months we have used 1 canister (it lasted exactly 6 months with daily use) and 4 flavour syrups. We estimate that we saved 624 cans and 26 cardboard cases of pop so far this year. The only waste we have had is the cardboard that the machine came in and the small plastic shrink wrap that goes around the top of the CO2 canister and the top of the flavour bottles. The cardboard was recycled but unfortunately the plastic wrap was not recyclable. The plastic containers the flavours come in we will be reusing."




Image credit: ohmeaghan via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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