Can Two Single Moms Make a Family Together?

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[Editor's Note: I am in respectful, kind of jealous awe of the living situation that Marilia at Tripping Mom has recently created for herself, her daughter and a friend and her daughter. They decided, as two single moms, to live together with their children. I have joked that if, God forbid, something would happen to my husband, that I would get a house with a friend, but I didn't think it was a possibility... until I read this post. What do you think? Could you handle some of the challenges this living situation presents? -Jenna]

2 Single Moms Sharing a House -- A Living Experiment:

houseFor the last 4 weeks and till May, I´m sharing a house with another single mom, her kid is one of my 4 year old´s best friends from kindergarten.

The help you get living with someone else is pretty obvious. And there are also the challenges of putting two single children of single moms living together with now two parents.

Sure enough, both mamas can go out at night more often, which we´ve been doing at least once a week each. The girls are always busy playing together and we can share a lot of living costs. Like the 300 dollars rent: nice.

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