Being a Mom Will Never Feel Like Being a Babysitter

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Editor's Note: Oh man, I loved babysitting as an early teenager. I popped out of bed every morning in the summer at 6:30, just full of joy at the thought of hanging out with those two kids. So why is it so hard for me to get up at the same time (or later) with my own? Gianna Rae at Sweet Peas & Buddies pondered these things in a recent post. Her main conclusion? Babysitters go home at the end of the day. -Jenna

Can You Live Life as a Mother Like a Babysitter?:

Even though I don't dread them per se, I can't say that I get overwhelmingly excited about them. It's not like I bounce out of bed eager for another day before me; I don't think, "I get to be a mom today!"

When I was a teenager and the throes of the joys of babysitting, I used to think, "I get to go babysit today!" And I was truly excited about it. I desired my babysitting job. I couldn't wait and counted the hours until I would be picked up. It was fun.

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