Can You Teach Someone How to Write Good Content?

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[Editor's Note: The key to high blog traffic is writing good content, but Bebehblog wonders aloud if it's possible to really teach someone that skill. Is it a case of some people having writing talent and others struggling to express themselves with words, or can anyone become a writer with the right guidance?  Or is the real answer, when it comes to blogging, that aiming for the high blog traffic doesn't appeal to everyone and therefore doesn't always matter? --Mel]

My blog isn’t poetry, it isn’t how-to, it isn’t deep thoughts, it isn’t photo essays, it isn’t brilliance. It’s in a no-mans land, a junkyard, an oasis of random – except that there are hundreds of other bloggers here with me. It’s the world’s most crowded deserted island and I feel like we spend half our time sharing coconuts and the other half fighting over who gets to sleep in the cool kid’s hut. We’re all struggling to tell our stories and capture a snapshot of our lives with the words we do know, limited as they may be, so people will stand up with us and say “I share this experience” or “Wow!” or even just “Cool story, bro”.

Do you think you can teach someone to create great content?  Since great content is in the eye of the beholder, does everyone have a chance of being a creator of great content when it comes to blogs?

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