Can Your Teenager Use a Hammer?

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While this post comes from a more mainstream source in Canada, I thought the topic of this post was highly relevant. The title alone caught my eye and when I started reading into it further it really hit home. Teenagers can text, but will they be able to use a hammer? Fix things? Work with their hands? Apply skills that many of us take for granted? Read on to discover some interesting insights from the frontline hiring our youngest generation of workers.

It’s hard not to laugh when Barry Smith starts telling stories about the hapless young workers he has to deal with. Smith, who runs Toronto-area roofing company RoofSmith Canada, tells of one who didn’t come to work because his cat had fleas, and another who jumped off a shed roof, even though he’d just tossed bags of nails into the garbage bin below. But the laughing tapers off when Smith, 46, talks about skills.

“They don’t know how to handle a tool properly,” he says quietly.

Read the full post on Why Your Teenager Can’t Use A Hammer on Macleans.

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