Get In The Halloween Mood With A Candy Corn Cake

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[Editor's Note: As far as I can tell, the world is divided into two camps: Candy corn lovers and candy corn haters. I'm in the former camp, so this cake totally caught my eye. What I think makes it so inventive is that it actually doesn't involve the use of any candy's all in how the cake looks! Perhaps this is the dish that will provide a bridge between those who adore the confection and those who don't? Hmm... --Genie]

Candy Corn Cake

Everyone thought the cake reminded them of candy corn and some even asked me how I got the candy corn flavor into the cake and frosting. It’s funny how that POWER of suggestion really took over on this one, I didn’t add any unique flavor it was just all in their minds.

Candy Corn Cake

Image Credit: Created By Diane, used by permission.

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