Canning on the Cheap

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[Editor's Note: I remember canning with my mom and grandma back in Iowa. Hot. Very hot. We did it because it was cheaper than buying canned goods. Now if you're not careful all those supplies are pricey! Read Mary's tips for frugal canning. -Rita]

Keep Canning Affordable

An obvious way to save on canning is to grow the produce yourself. But if you don’t have garden space, don’t despair. Sometimes folks have fruit trees that produce more than they need, and are happy to have folks come pick in exchange for help with the cleanup. Apricots especially tend to be more prolific than many folks can keep up with, especially for elderly tree-owners. A Craigslist ad during harvest season is one way to find folks with more fruit than they want. They may be happy to let you pick for a few dollars a box. If folks do give you fruit for free, be sure to send them a thank you note. They may just contact you next year too.

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