Castrating an Unwitting Softball Commissioner

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Editor's Note: I clearly remember the intense negotiations prior to the start of each sports season. And I'm not talking major leagues - I'm talking youth sports.  Coaches, meeting behind closed doors, rate, draft and trade players (most of whom are prepubescents). Waiting to find out what team your child is placed on can be an agonizing experience. And there are bound to be disappointments. Shannon (The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful) was faced with that disappointment and discovered that team-building is not just about the individual player but about, well, the team.  ~js

A child who shall remain nameless (so if you think you know which child she is, you don’t!) came home tonight from her first softball practice of the season having discovered that none of her former teammates are on her team this year. And even suckier a lot of them are on the same, different team this year. She was distraught. Quite distraught. I felt really bad for her. It does suck. So I leapt into action digging the softball commissioner’s digits out of my husband with a hacksaw. I was going to fix this, stat! But something strange happened. As I dialed with murderous rage a little part of me stepped outside of my body to observe.

. . .

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