Catholic Colleges Vow to Prevent Women from Getting Birth Control

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[Editor's note: What if you were in college and couldn't get birth control? Sounds implausible, crazy even, doesn't it? I hate to tell you this, but as Jill Filipovic at Feministe reveals, Catholic schools are rebelling against the new health care law requiring them to cover birth control with an outrageous new tactic--by refusing to prescribe it. --Mona]

She writes:

This is an issue, of course, because Catholic colleges and universities don’t just cater to religious Catholic students. Institutions like Fordham in New York and Georgetown in DC are hardly hyper-religious centers of the faith, sought out by Catholic students seeking a Catholic education. The reality of those schools is that they have a diverse student body, and I would venture to guess that the majority of students are not practicing Catholics. It’s also a cold hard fact that birth control is widely used even among practicing Catholics.

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