Multiculturalism Within Judaism

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Jews all around the world are celebrating Hanukkah this week. So when I came across a blog post about latkes that was about everything but latkes, it reminded me of an old friend -- a mixed-race (Black, Japanese and White) woman who converted to Judaism and is now living in Israel. Through conversion or intermarriage, there is actually a diversity of ethnicities within the Jewish faith. Check out this excerpt from Erika Davis at Black, Gay and Jewish:

Of the estimated 6.1 million Jews in the United States, 1.2 million are ethnically and racially diverse. Jews who are African American, Black, Latino, Hispanic, Native American, Mixed Race, African, South American, Middle Eastern, Carribean, Asian, and Mizrahi... 20% of Jews in the United States alone are not white[1]. Is it such a small number that the broader Jewish community feels the need to continue to facilitate the notion that the majority, the white Jews, should remain the majority?

Hanukkah Menorahs via Shutterstock

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