Changing the Discussion with Our Little Girls

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Wouldn't it be great if we could start changing the way girls view themselves -- before they even know how they should view themselves? Think about the last time you met a (cute!) little girl and said, "Gee, what beautiful eyes you have!" Or any variation thereof. What if you had said, "Hi, you seem happy today! What’s going on?" That's what Margot at ReelGirl suggest we do, along with a few other suggestions, to help our girls learn, from a young age, that they're more than their looks.

She explains why she has noticed this as a problem and then, if you continue reading, she offers some other great ways to make small talk with our youngest girls:

Changing the discussionI know making small talk with a two year old is hard. Toddlers can be shy, are easily distracted, and might even burst into tears if you say the wrong thing. It’s not easy to break the ice. But please: if you meet a little girl on the street, in a store, on the playground, try to think of something, anything to say rather than commenting on her hair, dress, shoes, eyes etc.

My two year old just started preschool, and by the time I’ve kissed her good bye and left in her in the classroom, she’s gotten about 10 compliments on her appearance. Of course, she’s adorable. All little kids are. But remember, their little brains are getting wired up. Kids love attention, to be smiled at, and to connect– these are exactly the kinds of interactions that make their brains grow. When they learn, this young, that so many responses are based on how they look, it affects them for life.

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