Charity: How to Decide Where to Give This Year

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I always wish I had more money to give to charity, especially around now when the wind gets colder and my mind goes to year-end holidays and taxes and how many people might have to sleep outside when it snows. And then I think about people I love who have or have had diseases that need research funding. And my pet interests: education and mental health awareness. How to decide where to give the small amount I do have?

It's hard to look at things like charitable giving objectively, which is why I really like these tips from The Conscious Perspective. She writes:

You have many options for taking action. You can assist financially which is always necessary with any charity. You may plan a trip or look into volunteering opportunities abroad or locally*. Or you can use the power of social media and your voice to spread the word to raise funds and awareness about the cause.

Salvation Army Truck

Credit Image: Howard Lake on Flickr

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