Is Cheerios Force-Feeding Us a Multicultural Agenda?

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A new Cheerios commercial is upsetting a lot of people on the Internet. In the ad, a cute, curly-haired toddler walks up to her mother and asks if Cheerios are good for the heart. Cut to the next scene, and we see the father dozing on the couch with a pile of cereal on his chest. Aww, right? Not to some people on Reddit, where a thread about the commercial has generated over 1000 heated comments. Why? Because the mother in the ad is white, the father is black, and their daughter is mixed-race.

Image Credit: Cheerios, YouTube

It doesn't seem like any big deal to me. If anything, it's a step in the right direction of showing the wide variety of American families. Caperton at Feministe agrees:

Now, some people (and God help us, there will always be some people) have become very upset that the ad features an interracial family. Because such families don’t exist in real life all over the place, of course, and certainly shouldn’t be represented on television, right? Like we needed further evidence that no amount of whole-grain oats will remove bigotry from the hearts of some horrible people.

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