Cherishing Friendships that Start Online

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Perhaps this is a familiar sensation for anyone who has been on the Internet for a while; that moment when you realize that your readers have been with you for so long that they have watched your child grow up or seen your marriage unfold or witnessed your career take off.

Peter's Cross Station had a post like that recently, pointing out that some of her readers have been with her since she started parenting and her child is now seven.

Everyone (in this Twitter chat) was someone I met via blogging, either before Nat was born or shortly after. Everyone was also someone I happen to have also met somewhere in three dimensions at conferences or on business trips. But even though these face-to-face meetings are great, and add something to the sense of “knowing” someone, they are hardly one percent of the substance of the friendships I’ve had for roughly seven years, with people I know as well or better than many I only know “in person” because we have shared some of the most important things about ourselves with each other, in more depth than is usually possible in the busy-ness of actual (versus virtual) reality.

It's a great post paying tribute to the friends we meet online by telling our stories. Go read her post and then tell us the friendships you cherish that were formed online.

Photo Credit: Online Friendship via Shutterstock.

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