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Inside a demon house. To quote: Adam Blai has a Master’s of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a former skeptic turned expert demonologist and advisor to the Roman Catholic Church; performing and training priests in exorcism.In a sit down interview with FOX 8′s Suzanne Stratford, he candidly answers questions about ghosts, demons and exorcism; all of which he says is very real.Is demon possession a Catholic or global phenomena?“Pretty much all of the major religious systems in the world have seen this problem; spirits that can speak languages that the person doesn’t even know; where a spirit animates a body that knows secret information about the people in the room that only they know about their lives,” said Adam.“You meet the same demons over and over, performing exorcisms in different cities and they’re like ‘oh yea you again,’ and you get used to it, but in the process of getting used to it, there’s a lot of nightmarish stuff you have to go through,” said Adam.Adam says many people involved with exorcism have been physically harmed or institutionalized. Why?“Because the forces we oppose and antagonize will take revenge on those close to us if they can’t take revenge on us. . . .

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