Choosing Favorites: Mom or Mom?

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As parents, we often talk about the fact that we shouldn't have favorites in our children. However, as I'm sure you've noticed as a mom, our children tend to have favorite parents. I'm most certainly a Daddy's Girl. I found this post by Kristin at Mondays with Mac to be a heartfelt discussion of favorites, our children and the way they love us. How do you choose a favorite mom when you have two?

She shares a touching story:

Mother and ChildI've always been the favourite mom. I don't usually admit that out loud (or in digital print as the case may be). When there is a mother and a father in the relationship it's common for a baby to prefer his mother. Of course, there are exceptions but nobody bats an eye when the baby wants his Mama. When there are two moms, the situation becomes more complicated. I grew him in my belly. For nine months his life was indistinguishable from mine. And in the last ten months he has only begun to take the first careful steps (on all fours) away from me, dividing our bodies into two separate beings. And when the space between him and me grows too large he writhes and cries until he is back in my arms.

His other mom (as well as his Auntie Tata and Gramma) have been able to calm him. But in his worst moments of fear and uncertainty it has always been his Mama that he needs.

Photo Credit: mrhayata.

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