Christian Republican, Jewish Democat... BFFs

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[Editor's Note: Do you have friends who think like you, politically and religiously? A lot of people do. But Neely Stoller writes about her friendship with another blogger -- Ashley from Ashley's Carnival Ride -- who happens to have different beliefs about politics and religion. She tells us why being friends with people who are different is not only possible, but wonderful. --Grace]

Ashley is a Christian Republican.

I am a Jewish Democrat...but lets be real....Liberal.

Yes we are best friends.

Yes we are about as different as night and day. Sure we share a mutual love of Cupcakes, shopping, headbands, Toddlers and Tiara's and sleeping for 12 plus hours at a time but we are different!

Our differences(mainly religion and politics) have never once altered our friendship. If anything it makes it stronger.

Image Credit: Neely Stoller

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