A Christmas miracle

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I think I have officially lost my mind.Why, you ask?Yesterday upon realizing that the power button on my iPhone was no longer functioning properly, I decided it would be a good idea to make an appointment at the Apple store to have it checked out.What's so crazy about that, you ask?In my haste to get it fixed ASSOONASPOSSIBLEORIWOULDDIE (I have instant gratification syndrome), I scheduled the appointment for 12:10pm (aka: most people's lunch hour) in an Apple store at an outdoor mall on December 11th (that's 14 days before Christmas, if you're counting).With both of my children.I guess I was feeling gutsy after Monday's successful outing to Target, but once we were inside the Apple store and my heart was pounding and I was sweating and they were asking me questions I didn't know the answer to, I started to question my judgment. But thank the good Lord, they somehow managed to get me in and out of there in 50 minutes, during which Avery slept the entire time and Davis snacked and played on the iPod quietly. Davis also managed to not wet his pants (sadly that's still not a given after 4 months of potty training) AND we made it home just in time for his nap.If that's not a Christmas miracle, then I don't know what is.I wasn't hoping to make that outing yesterday or to shell out $200+ on a new phone, but let's all agree that it could have been much, much, much worse, no? . . .

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