Christopher Hitchens: A Believer's Tribute to an Atheist

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Prolific author and renowned atheist Christopher Hitchens died at 62 yesterday after a struggle with esophageal cancer, prompting tributes from coworkers, appreciations from bloggers, and thought-provoking takes on his life from people who did not agree with his views. Jill at Feministe wrote of Hitchens: "Often wrong, often sexist, a total alcoholic misogynist disaster, but — a phenomenal writer, a modern philosopher, a true curmudgeon." And Dr. Melissa Clouthier took a look at Hitchens' life from the point of view of a believer, saying:

A faithful atheist, Christopher Hitchens wrestled with God. I appreciated watching it in action. It was like witnessing Jacob go round after round with the Maker begging to be blessed. Hitchens wanted to be blessed with belief, I believe.

Later in her post, Clouthier came to an appreciation of Hitchens' life and fight:

I’m thankful for Christopher Hitchens. His keen mind and incisive questions forced a believer to be better in his answers.

And that is why I'll miss Christopher Hitchens most–his unintended consequences. It is with great irony that he caused many who were learning, to come to the truth -- even if he couldn't.

Christopher Hitchens
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