Cinder: A Cyborg Cinderella

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I've been anxiously awaiting the release of Marissa Meyer's Cinder: Lunar Chronicle #1. I like fairy tale retellings and a cyborg Cinderella? Yes, please. The only problem with Cinder that I can see is that it will be a year until the next book comes out and the reviews I've read, including Lauren's, indicate that I will want to read it immediately.

cinder marissa meyerOne of the best things about Cinder was the characters! For one, Cinder was a strong and smart heroine, one who I couldn't help but love from the start. I especially liked the way in which she treated people. She was nothing but kind and sweet, even to the people who gave her the hardest of times. I also really enjoyed the variety of friendships Cinder possessed that Marissa Meyer showcased throughout. From her budding romance with Prince Kai to her need to protect her nice stepsister as well as Iko to her surprising friendship with the doctor, everything was fully developed to my liking, and it didn't help that I had nothing but love for all the main characters, especially Prince Kai.

Another high point to this novel was without a doubt the exquisite world and plot building. Throughout the book, I couldn't enough of Cinder's world. I wanted to know why everything was the way it was as well as more about the mysterious and deadly Lunar and their society.

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