Kid-Approved Cinnamuffin: So Tasty They Won't Know It's Healthy

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Editor’s note: Angelina baked this tempting cinnamuffin for her son, Max, who declared it “just like a Cinnabon!” We’re guessing Max didn’t realize that it’s made from wholesome ingredients like rolled oats, whole-wheat flour, and applesauce. A glaze made from powdered sugar and maple syrup sweetens it up and makes it pretty looking too. --Jane

I first made this muffin when Max was a toddler and he loved them until the great food rejection began.… It’s a great little muffin full of oats, low in fat and sugar, and has a maple glaze. I decided to make it for Max to try again but I knew the whole oats would be texturally repugnant to him so I came up with a revised version of this muffin by pulverizing the oats in the food processor until they were as fine as I could get them and this worked well for Max. The result went like this: “This tastes just like a cinnabun! You should give this recipe to them to make and sell. Seriously mom, it’s THAT good!”

Image: Courtesy of Stitch and Boots

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