Clipping the Tooth Fairy's Wings

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I left myself a note last week and left it under the pillow on my bed. It read, "TOOTH FAIRY," in big, bold caps lock. A dollar sat next to the note. I still forgot until I crawled into bed, touched the letter and panicked for a brief second. April at My Bizarre Family recently had a miss with the Tooth Fairy which lead to the ultimate demise of the tooth-gathering mythical creature.

She writes:

0020My daughter, Faith, lost a tooth on Monday, and she informed me she was putting it under her pillow that night. I’m such a terrible Mommy! I totally forgot about it until…Wednesday evening. She comes up to me and says, “Mom, I forgot to look, but did the tooth fairy come the other night?”

I was caught. I knew she had just checked under her pillow and probably all around her bed in search of money…money that should have been there two nights ago (she would have caught my goof sooner if she had not been distracted by school starting).

Photo Credit: anniehazelwood.

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