A Closer Look at American Anti-Doping Zealotry

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(Did he or didn't he? Whether or not you think Lance Armstrong (or Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens or any other superstar athlete) is guilty of doping, the issue of criminality and who is making that determination might also deserve closer scrutiny. In her post "The triumph of American anti-doping zealotry", Wendy Parker takes a look at the organization, funded by taxpayer money, that monitors sports doping, and asks "Who’s going to monitor the monitors?" ~js)

Isn’t anyone in the establishment sports media the least bit uncomfortable that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency that has brought Lance Armstrong to his knees gets a good bit of its funding through a grant from the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy? Taxpayer money this is, yours and mine. The agency that brought us the futile, deadly, incompetent “War on Drugs” is dispensing money to an organization that is doing the same on the sports front, and it finally bagged its biggest target. And I have many more questions, looking for answers. Is this how we want to root out sports “cheats?” With the same zero tolerance approach, the same self-serving, self-righteous pontificating and little to no transparency about its methods? 

Vials of steroids and testosterone. Credit Image: © Boris Roessler/DPA/ZUMAPRESS.com

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