Taking a Break from Cloth Diapering to Save Sanity

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Editor's Note: I loved cloth diapering. Every time I see a picture of a squishy little diaper on my Facebook wall, I get all nostalgic. For diapers. I know. But reading Bethany's post at Forever After Blog reminded me that it wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. Cloth diapering comes with some challenges, some woes and, yes, some leaks on occasion. So she's choosing sanity over her crunchy card right now. -Jenna

Cloth Diapering Confessions: A Slighting Sarcastic Rant on the Perils:

So where does that leave me on my cloth diapering journey? I'm taking a break.

But wait, what? What about saving the polar bears and hazmat suits?

I know, I know, I can sometimes be as crunchy as they come (for example I didn't shampoo my hair for a month when I joined the "no 'poo" movement, again another story for another day) but I realize that if I go insane from using cloth diapers (or suffer severe humiliation in front of cloth diapering pros as they inform me that my "cloth diapering safe detergent" actually has plant oils that may alter absorption) I will not be in the right mind to do more important things with my baby and raise her to know the perils of conventionally grown corn products. So I'm giving myself a couple of weeks and then I'll pull out those BumGenius and GroVia, wielding my diaper sprayer and show those poopy diapers whose boss.

Cloth Diapering
Credit: moohaha.

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