Compost in 3 Days

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After losing all her composting worms to a mysterious invader, this food blogger discovers a more efficient partner in her quest for rich soil:

"After some research, it turns out these guys are Hermetia Illucens – or Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Hermetia sounds much better. Black soldier flies look like regular flies, but are as big as a wasp and sound like bees. But unlike regular annoying houseflies, BSF are good guys! They’re not considered pests – they aren’t naturally attracted to humans or food (they’re attracted to decaying matter.) They don’t bite or sting. They don’t buzz around you and pretty much stay clear of the people. The larvae are awesome at processing food scraps for compost."


Black Soldier Fly


Image credit: Yon PhotoGraphy via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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