The Connections Made on Twitter

BlogHer Spotlight

SuzeMuse explains in her eloquent post why she gives a crap about what you ate for lunch. And it isn't because she's a food blogger and desperate to follow food trends. It isn't because she's hungry and looking for ideas. It's because the minute details of a person's life is what makes them human and interesting.

Yes, people use Twitter for businesses purposes or to promote their work, but in between all those tweets about a company or a blog are also tweets that reflect moments of a person's life: the lost dog, the movie seen, the meal ate.

Some of the richest conversations I’ve had have been about things like food, tea, pets, wine, and TV shows. Some of the best friends I’ve made, I’ve not made because I’m sitting around all day long doing “business” on Twitter. We’re friends because we’ve shared things about our lives with each other. Some of the most important client connections I’ve made, I’ve not made because of a tweet about my company. I’ve made them because of things like a tweet about the lemon meringue pie I baked last weekend.

What has been a connection you've made over Twitter?

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