Slow Cooker Cool Ranch Chicken for Tacos or Tostadas

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[Editor's Note: Though the chicken takes all day to cook in the slow cooker, this recipe is the epitome of a Quicker Dinners option. It's quick to get it underway, and then super-quick to, because it uses the slow cooker, it won't heat up your kitchen on a hot day. It's a great summer dinner idea! --Genie]

Cool Ranch Crockpot Chicken Tacos or Tostadas

You can add this yummy shredded chicken to just about anything. I am excited to throw some of the leftovers on my salad tonight. The combo of ranch & taco spices really reminded me of Cool Ranch Doritos.... hence the name.

Cool Ranch Tostadas

Image Credit: Family Fresh Meals, used by permission.

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