Could New Food Monday Save Your Meal Time?

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Have a picky eater in your house? Feel like pulling out your hair at every meal? Tried ignoring it? Tried yelling about it? Tried sitting at the table forever? I encourage you to read this great idea by Jess at Keeping Mommy Sane. It's New Food Monday.

Really, I think this is genius.

Orion - DSC_5880Enter New Food Monday.

We started this on a whim one week and told Buddy that every Monday, he’d have to try at least three bites of a new food with his dinner. Trust me, we weren’t that ambitious with the new food – I believe we started with some pasta sauce and veggie burgers. If he successfully ate his three bites, he got to have a small treat after dinner. If he refused to try it, he had to go to his room until bedtime. We were low-key, no pressure about it – the choice was his. We had read so many times that if a kid is hungry, he will eat, so we were willing to call his bluff.

Guess how many times he went to his room without eating a bite? Zero.

Now guess how many times he’d try the new food and proclaim, “Mommy, this is delicious! May I have another helping, please?”


Photo Credit: antidigerati.

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