A Wacky Take on an Old Fave: French Onion Soup Stix

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Editor’s note: Just like Ingrid from The Cozy Apron, I always gravitated toward French onion soup in restaurants as a child. Well, Ingrid has turned this childhood favorite into the perfect party appetizer, adding a little Guinness to deeply caramelized onions and serving it as a dip with fried cheese sticks. --Jane

“Stix” of fried cheese coated in a crispy breading with a rich, caramelized onion and Guinness beer sauce to dip them in? Ooh-wee…now that sounds like a perfect little union between a tasty finger-food and a hot, delicious soup if I’ve ever heard of one--an “onion-y” union, if you will.

French onion soup stix
Image: Courtesy of The Cozy Apron

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