San Antonio-style Crispy Dogs with Bacon-Jalapeno Sauce

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[Editor's Note: One of my favorite aspects of travel is learning new regional food specialties, whether they're high-falutin' dishes or fantastic street food. I had never heard of these San Antonio crispy dogs, but they sound great to me, particularly late at night. (Heartburn? What heartburn?) Though they're not on the menu many places outside of Texas, thanks to Homesick Texan's recipe, you can now make these at home. --Genie]

Crispy dogs with bacon-jalapeno dipping sauce

“That sounds like a flauta,” I said. He agreed it was similar, but it also reminded him of a Tex-Mex corny dog. But no matter how you define it, what’s not to love about melted cheese, juicy sausage and a crunchy fried tortilla? Yep, ever since our conversation, I’ve had a serious craving for a crispy dog.

Crispy Dogs

Image Credit: Homesick Texan, used by permission.

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