Don't Get Smug: Good Parenting Isn't a Guarantee

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[Editor's Note: I think one of the scariest things about parenting is one that Becky at Smithellaneous recently brought up. It's just a scary thing to realize that even if you do everything "right," your kids can still make bad choices. On the one hand, she wants families facing crisis to know they're not alone. But she warns that even if you raise great kids, you shouldn't ever feel smug. -Jenna]

Cry Love:

Love is the answer.The woman across from me at Pizza Hut pounded the table for emphasis as she stated, “I firmly believe that if you raise your kids properly and follow all the right rules, they will turn out the way they should. I mean, look at my three kids. They all turned out great!”

And I thought to myself, “Smug, much?”

Although this conversation took place fifteen years ago, I have never forgotten that woman’s words; I have never forgotten her conviction that her children were wonderful simply because she was wonderful.

But you know what? Kids aren’t formed by formulas. They can’t be quantified by a “1 + 2 = 3″ kind of thinking. Kids are humans. Humans have free will. Humans have hearts that can choose to make right choices and hearts that can choose to make wrong choices.

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