Pinkies Up - Time to Embroider Some Downton Abbey Tea Towels

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[Editor's Note: When I first set eyes on these Downton Abbey embroidery patterns designed by April Heather Art on Kitschy Digitals my tea sipping PBS watching heart skipped a beat. Just when I thought things could not get any better I find out that BlogHer's own Katie Canavan was the woman behind the needle who stitched up these genius embroidered tea towels. I'm thinking of using the downloadable embroidery patterns for a his and her Ana and Bates pillowcase set. Here is the whole backstory on Kitschy Digital's owner Danielle's blog. - Jen]

DA Tea Towels at the perfect tea party...

I have to say I'd be pretty excited if I got an email from Danielle about Downton Abbey. Apparently Katie was too: "when Danielle Thompson sent me an email, simply titled "Downton Abbey Patterns," I got really excited. It took me all of two seconds to volunteer to embroider these pretty tea towels as samples for Kitschy Digitals."

DA Tea Towels at the perfect tea party...


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