Dance Moms, Soccer Moms, Basketball Moms - Same Diff

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(Editor's Note: As a sports parent, or stage mom, is it possible to assess your child's abilities objectively? What happens when there is validation that your kid is not the "best" at something. Jo Francis, who writes a blog about her son's quest for a Division 1 basketball scholarship, takes a look at reality competition shows and finds that some are a bit too real. ~js)


Hang around a group of women long enough, and chances the last episode of "Dance Moms" will eventually work it's way into the conversation. There's no point in saying I don't like the show because I watch it every week. You can make a TV series about Basketball Moms, or Soccer Moms, or Karate Moms and the story will be the same: mothers who tear each other apart in a misguided attempt to elevate their own children are all alike.

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