Post-Breakup Hauntings: What They Mean

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Editor's note: We've all lived it. You break up with someone and then suddenly, reminders of them start to explode no matter where we turn. Their favorite song on your Pandora station. Their favorite cult classic on daytime television. Their weird ring tone emanating from some stranger's phone! Here in Los Angeles, it's particularly bad. You can't go to the store to buy a tub of ice cream to cry into that you have to see your ex on a billboard, or God help you, in every tabloid at the check-out line. Why does this happen? Does the universe like messing with us or is it a sign?

In A License Plate is Not a Sign From Heaven, Kelly Moore breaks it down for all of us. -- AVF

The other day one of my friends asked me for my thoughts on what he considered to be a series of odd coincidences -- it seemed like every time he turned around there was something reminding him of his ex-girlfriend. A woman wearing her favorite t-shirt. A business associate with the same last name. Dreaming of her. This had never happened to him before. I wish I could say the same.

Photo by Phil Roeder (Flickr).

Indeed, it seems that after every break up you are confronted with reminders of your ex. Almost always out of nowhere. Of course, none of this happens immediately after the break up. It's always weeks or even months later when the only possible explanation is that all of this finger-pointing is a sign from the heavens. In fact, that’s exactly how I interpreted it for years. It's God telling me to text him. Most of my girlfriends, I'm sure, would agree.

The most logical explanation for why this happens is that you are subconsciously thinking about him. Wondering what he’s up to. Wondering if he misses you. Wondering if you’ll ever meet your prince charming. Maybe you google him or try to find a backdoor to his Facebook profile. Okay, not maybe. Probably. Definitely. All of which leads to calls and consultations with your circle of advisers.

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