David and Goliath: Regretsy and PayPal

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PayPal denied service to Regretsy when they were trying to provide Christmas gifts to about 200 children. The Internet got up in arms. The Green Geeks wrote a long post describing the problem. We're spotlighting a summarized version by Jill Pantozzi from The Mary Sue. Since the story broke, PayPal has attempted to explain themselves–you can read that story on Mashable. Here's how The Mary Sue tells the David vs. Goliath story,

So apparently Paypal is making people cry. Again. This time their illogical sights have been set on Regretsy, the “fail blog” equivalent to Etsy. The site attempted a large gift exchange program for children in the Regretsy community but were unceremoniously shut down after Paypal decided helping children wasn’t a “worthy cause.” What’s the deal here?

David and Goliath
Image Credit: Shirasagi Dojo Chemnitz

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