Mothering at Night Is Like Being Mr Hyde

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Editor's Note: I read through Nicci's recent post at Changing the Universe with a chuckle -- mainly because she is preaching the truth, you guys. I am a loving, cheerful, happy Mom during normal business and after work hours. But if you wake me up at three o'clock in the morning, all bets are off. Will you Mom Jekyll or Mom Hyde? It's a crap shoot at best. -Jenna

Day Mom vs Night Mom:

Infant wakes up for no reason

Reaction at 2 pm – Smile and get excited that she’s actually awake. Coo and talk to her, hold her, bounce her, sing to her, play with her.

Reaction at 2 am – Groan, roll over, punch husband to get him to put her paci back in. Curse the fact that no one has created a paci that will actually STAY in an infants mouth and wish you could just tape it in there. Hear the musical seahorse turn on and get gently lulled to sleep by the soothing songs, then get woken up again when the sea horse turns off and angers the baby again, causing the paci to fall out YET AGAIN!

Credit: hamed.

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