Dealing with an Anxious Son -- Without Medication

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As a child who lived with undiagnosed anxiety, I wonder how my life might have been different if it had been diagnosed. Would my parents have put me on medication? Would it have taken a shorter amount of time to learn proper coping mechanisms? Would my adult life have been vastly different? I found myself asking these questions -- and more -- while reading Mimi's post about her son's recent anxiety issue (the weather turning colder) at Living In France.

I kind of want to give her a high five for being such an awesome mom and for understanding her son's anxiety as she does. Not only does she work through an issue in her post, but she gives other parents tips about the "big question" that accompanies an anxiety diagnosis: Should we medicate our child?

I strongly recommend reading her whole post if your child has an anxiety diagnosis. She shares some thoughts about medication midway through her post:

MedsI am not a medicine nazi. I'm not against prescriptions and let me tell you, there are definitely days that I have a headache this big and it has Excedrin written all over it. I'm open to anything that works as long as you apply it responsibly.

Common sense dictates the reasons why a parent might look further into medications for their children:

Are your child's grades suffering?

Are they having trouble connecting with other students or friends at school?

Are they having horrible meltdowns?

Are they not sleeping?

Are there more tears than smiles?

Has their personality seemed to change? (i'm not suggesting a bad day or a bad week; i mean, overall has their personality changed. i'm talking about weeks and months at a time.)

If you answer yes to a lot of these question, then, in my very humble opinion, asking your dr. about medications would be a step you might want to take.

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