Dear Cora: Why I Can't Stop Talking about CCHD

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Editor's note: Thirty percent of infant deaths are due to Critical Congenital Heart Defects (CCHD), according to the Centers for Disease Control. Babies with CCHD may look healthy at first, but within hours or days develop complications. A non-invasive newborn screening test using pulse oximetry—which determines blood oxygenation levels—can help these babies get treated in time to survive, only few parents are aware that such a test exists. Here, one mom named Kristine who lost her child to CCHD writes a heartfelt letter to her late daughter talking about her efforts to inform other parents. We applaud her efforts. – Judy

Apologizing to other mothers and fathers, telling him that you knew about the simple screening but that you couldn’t reach them just breaks my heart. That’s why I’ll work on this constantly. I can’t quit. Seeing those emails and notes about babies that are alive because of you sure are nice and sure keep me going. I have to work every single day to make sure no family goes through this. Ever. Again.

 Kristine Brite McCormick and daughter
Image: Kristine Brite McCormick

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