Dear GOP: President Obama is Not "Bad Boyfriend"

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[Editor's Note: Have you seen this ad produced by the Republican National Committee? BlogHer Nordette Adams calls it the "Break up with your boyfriend Obama ad", playing on the President's charisma. But Nordette explains at her blog Whose shoes are these anyway? that she finds this comparison both sly and condescending. --Grace]

And yes, I cringe, somewhat, because Romney, with all his millions, couldn't even buy my vote. But as someone who analyzes messaging and rhetoric from time to time, I'll give credit where credit is due: this political advertisement is clever; it plays with the enthymeme of President Obama as boyfriend or lover. The boyfriend-like image has been so strong with him that some writers on the left have taken to telling voters that President Obama is not your boyfriend. Bill Maher, in discussing President Obama's conservative streaks, has also told liberals that the president is "not your boyfriend."

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