Dear Moms, I Didn't Know

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Editor's Note: I love letters to moms, and this one touched places in my heart. There are things you won't... can't know until you're in the thick of it. Michelle at The Momma Bird writes beautifully about the things she didn't know. -Jenna

Dear Moms:

No one can even prepare you for what’s to come in this new life you will live. Yes, people will give you all the tips/tricks for colds, sleepless nights or fussy babies/toddlers/teens – but no one tells you about the changes you will go through as a woman in this new role.

The moment when you first hold that baby/child in your arms, your whole being just can’t wrap the idea around in your head, to even make sense how you are now at this special place in your life. A place that you had envisioned before & thought you grasped the idea of it – yet you really knew nothing of the sort.

Dear Mom
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