Dear Republican Women: Please Speak Up

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[Editor’s note: Amy, Lois and Susan are best friends and mothers of teenage daughters--and a son, as they sweetly note on their wonderful blog. They’re the kind of women interested in “world peace, food for thought, and a really great pair of shoes.” But they’re also distressed by the nasty political climate toward women and the failure of some women--no matter their political party--to condemn the hateful talk. So they wrote this heartfelt post for their blog Style Substance Soul. I loved what they had to say. I think you will, too.—Mona]

Dear Republican Women,

I have always believed we are women first, Democrats or Republicans second. I believe strongly in the power of sisterhood, and have taken pride and solace in the fact that women look out for each other and support each other.

Suddenly, though, it seems we’ve let politics override that. Why are we letting men tell us what we can or can’t do with our bodies, with our lives? Why are we not fighting for our rights as women — together?


Credit Image: Progress Ohio

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